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  • By registering for a course, you commit to paying the course fee. After the due date, unpaid course fees will be submitted to a debt collection agency. The collection of Pirkan opisto’s course fees is eligible for judicial enforcement. Neglecting to pay course fees leads to the student losing their place at Pirkan opisto.

  • We will not send a separate course confirmation or invitation to registered participants. The course will begin according to schedule, unless stated otherwise. We will notify participants via email or text message of any changes or possible cancellations. Please remember to let our office know of any changes in your contact information.

  • As regards courses or events with the mention “No advance registration”, you do not need to register and may simply join the group when the course starts. In such cases, attending the group is regarded as registration.

  • You may not register for courses via email, text message, voicemail or by contacting the teacher directly.

  • Participants are enrolled in order of registration.

  • The place on a course is personal and may not be transferred to another person.

  • Please note! Course fees for courses that last through the entire study year are paid in two instalments (the autumn term fee in September/October and the spring term fee in January/February). If you do not want to continue for the spring term on a course that lasts through the entire year, you may cancel your place for the spring term free of charge by the end of November. You can cancel the place by contacting the Pirkan opisto office via email, telephone or text message. You may not cancel your place simply by informing the teacher.

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If you have not paid the course fee in connection with your registration, you will receive a payment link for the autumn term fee in 1–2 months from your registration. For courses that continue through the spring term, you will receive an email with the payment link for the spring term in January or February. The payment link for short courses will arrive via email roughly one week before the course starts.

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