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Unemployed jobseekers are eligible for a 20% discount on course fees.



Here’s how you apply for the discount when registering for a course:


  • If you register online, do not pay the course fee via the online banking option in connection with the registration.

  • Deliver a certificate of your jobseeker status, received from your TE Office, to Pirkan opisto’s customer service as soon as possible after your registration. You may also deliver the certificate via email. Click here for customer service contact details (in Finnish) >>

  • When you register for courses beginning in the autumn, you must deliver the certificate by the end of September. For courses beginning in the spring term, deliver the certificate by the end of January.

  • You will receive a payment link via email for the discounted course fee. You may then pay the course fee via the payment link.

Please note! If you have registered for a course that lasts through the study year as an unemployed jobseeker and your employment status changes after the autumn term, please let our office know of this change.



The discount for unemployed jobseekers may not be used for

  • tuition fees for basic education in the arts
  • child–adult classes
  • musical playschools
  • certification training
  • course trips
  • material fees
  • courses with a mandatory advance fee.
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