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What is basic education in the arts?


Pirkan opisto’s arts schools provide tuition in accordance with the national core curriculum for basic education in the arts. The studies proceed each year from one level to the next, following the objectives defined in the curriculum.


Basic education in the arts is extracurricular art education provided at local art schools and institutes. It is target-oriented and age-appropriate, and it is provided by trained professionals. The tuition is widely available in Finland, and the threshold to being accepted as a student is low.


As a student of basic education in the arts, you can focus on the art form of your personal interest. You will also receive knowledge and skills that prepare you for vocational studies or higher education in the arts.


The tuition is mainly meant for children and young people, but our Art School and Music School also offer studies for adults. The adult education centre has more courses and study groups available to adults in various art forms.



Begin your studies at Pirkan opisto’s arts schools!


You may choose an art form that suits you and study it in a goal-oriented fashion in a motivating atmosphere among like-minded friends.

Art studies that start in childhood give you a lifetime of skill and joy. It is a wonderful feeling to know how to play an instrument or sing beautifully, dance or create choreographies, write screenplays and make short films, direct and perform plays, or draw, paint and design!



Studies at the arts schools

  • Enhance creativity
  • Encourage you to express yourself through art
  • Improve patience and perseverance
  • Develop focus and attention
  • Offer thinking skills
  • Form life-long friendships
  • Teach group work skills
  • Increase understanding of culture and its diversity.


All of the above are important skills for your future personal and working life. And, of course, studying the arts is fun!



Our values include

  • The joy of learning
  • Age-appropriate activities and learning through play, particularly with our youngest students
  • High-quality tuition
  • Learning by doing and experimenting
  • Building a good, positive self-image through making art and enjoying it
  • Respecting diversity


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