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If you cancel your registration


  • no later than 7 days before the course start date: the cancellation is free of charge.
  • less than 7 days before the course start date: Pirkan opisto will charge you a cancellation fee of 20 euros (or the full course fee, if the course fee is less than 20 euros).
  • after the course has already started: Pirkan opisto will charge you the whole course fee.

For courses that last through the entire study year, the registration for the autumn term is also automatically valid for the spring term, which means that you do not need to re-register for the spring term.


However, if you no longer wish to participate on the course for the spring term, you may cancel your registration for the spring term by the end of November. If you have not cancelled your registration for the spring term, you will be charged for the spring term.


Separate cancellation terms are applied in Pirkan opisto’s arts schools that provide basic education in the arts, and you can check the respective terms on the web pages of the Music School, Dance School, Drama School, Art School and Media School.



How to cancel your course registration


  • Online cancellation: If you registered for a course online and have received a confirmation of registration by email, you may also cancel your registration online by using the registration code included in the confirmation email, provided that you are cancelling no later than 7 days before the course start date. Please keep a receipt of the cancellation.

  • Cancellation by email:

  • Cancellation by telephone: tel. +358 3 5652 2500

  • Cancellation in person at the Pirkan opisto office or service locations:
    Click here for customer service contact details (in Finnish) >>

Please note! You may not cancel your registration by merely informing the course teacher of your cancellation. Neglecting to pay the course fee or not turning up to class does not constitute a cancellation.



Courses cancelled by Pirkan opisto


Pirkan opisto may cancel a course that does not receive enough registered participants. The minimum group size is usually 7–10 participants, depending on the course. If you have already paid for a course that Pirkan opisto has to cancel, you will receive a full refund for the course fee. Please contact Pirkan opisto’s office to make arrangements for the refund. See also: Course discontinuation (in Finnish) >>



Cancellation of individual course sessions and extra sessions to make up for them

If a course teacher falls ill, Pirkan opisto will attempt to find a substitute for the teacher. If a substitute teacher is not available, Pirkan opisto may have to cancel individual course sessions.


We always seek to make up for cancelled sessions, but the extra session may also be arranged at a time and place that deviate from the regular course schedule. We will inform the participants of the time and place of extra sessions separately. Pirkan opisto also has the right to not arrange one course session per term.


Please note! Pirkan opisto will notify course participants of course or session cancellations via text message. You will receive the notification of cancellation, if you have provided your mobile phone number in connection with your registration.

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