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Education Centre Pirkan opisto


Pirkan opisto is a regional open education institute which offers open education and introductory (basic) level arts education to people of all age groups.  The institute operates in the city of Nokia as well as the local municipalities of Lempäälä, Vesilahti and Pirkkala. 


The institute offers a broad syllabus of studies including social sciences, culture, history, music, crafts, art, dance, language, literature, theatre and practical skills. 


The institute takes care of the local communities’ knowledge of current affairs through public lectures and it organises courses requested by both the local municipality and the general public.  The event calendar includes also events organised by the local community and the institute, where both teachers and students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities on stage. 


Pirkan opisto is an active participant and supporter of cultural life.  It follows the times and reacts quickly to the changing needs of the local municipalities both in the busy population centres and in the countryside.  Pirkan opisto’s management and staff may be based in the city of Nokia, but the education opportunities and facilities are located throughout the municipalities.


In total the institute provides over 40 000 hours of teaching annually and has almost 900 courses and around 11 000 persons taking part in different courses as 22 000 students. 


The institute is managed by a rector and is supported by a dedicated team of office staff, experienced teachers and learning support staff.  The institute employs about 20 permanent staff members and nearly 300 part-time teaching staff members, who are specialised in different fields. 



I am looking for Finnish courses


Please check Finnish courses for more information >>



I am looking for a new hobby. Do I need to speak Finnish?

In most courses, the language of  instruction is Finnish. However, in many courses you learn by doing and you do not need to be fluent in Finnish in order to enjoy learning!  Course registration >>

If you have any questions, we are happy to help!


Pirkan opisto

Souranderintie 13, 37100 Nokia

+358 3 565 22500




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